Liquidity Hub 7.2 release expands market maker pricing tools

oneZero Financial Systems, the global leader in innovative institutional and retail FX liquidity and technology solutions, today announced the introduction of Volume Bands, a new quote consolidation tool for market makers, in the latest release of Liquidity Hub, its award-winning technology platform.

“We are pleased to give our institutional clients a new tool for managing securities that can increase their operational efficiency through automated controls. Volume Bands give makers added flexibility for consolidating quotes for currencies traded in smaller increments which can impact their depth of book,” said Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero Financial Systems.

Because digital currencies are often quoted for a fraction of the security, quote books can run thousands of quotes deep. Through Volume Bands, makers can configure and customize pricing across their book at varying depth levels based on spreads to create quotes at the volume weighted average price. Takers will see a more manageable number of consolidated quotes without impacting their underlying trading.

The 7.2 release also includes improvements for market watch, offers new warehouse configuration options and more. “We continue to enhance our institutional offering by solving our clients’ operational challenges with superior technology,” added Ralich.

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