Data Source

Data Source is a next-generation cloud-based business intelligence toolkit that stores your quote and trade data which can then be transformed into meaningful analytics that facilitates the relationship between consumers and providers of liquidity.

Data Source

Data Source: DNA

Access your Hub’s trade, quote and quote derivative data in real-time, near real-time and historical. We collect and curate your data from multiple data centers and transport it to the cloud via high-speed connection. It’s available whenever you need it and comes in formats easily accessible to internal users and third-party vendors to analyze, including for compliance reporting.

Data Source: Insights

Understand the key characteristics of your client flow and associated hedges, and the relationships you hold with your liquidity providers. An interactive, visual web-based analytics platform offered in different packages which include not only essential trade statistics, but also sophisticated reports that include Maker and Taker Stream Classifications, Taker Login Classifications, Maker Pool Analytics, and more.

Simplify Regulatory Reporting

Regulation is always changing. Luckily, regulatory reporting has never been easier. Now you can seamlessly connect with post-trade regulatory vendors that have joined our EcoSystem. This means you can use and compare your own internal post-trade reporting solutions with solutions provided by oneZero and by third party regulatory vendors, that have all derived from the same underlying data.

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