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Over the past ten years, we’ve built a distribution network with over 200 retail and wholesale brokers — the largest of its kind — who trade over 100 billion USD through oneZero every day, with over 10 billion USD externally hedged daily. We offer you access to them through shared and tailored streams.

Liquidity Provider Hub

Your Gateway

Your bespoke Hub enables shared and tailored streams with all your takers, with sweepable, full amount and bespoke streams supported. The Liquidity Provider Hub features ultra-fast low-latency processing of quotes and responses of all instruments.


Market Access

Access over 200 global FX brokerages that hedge over 10 billion USD externally per day as an EcoSystem Partner. Enjoy direct liquidity provider to customer relationships that allow both market participants to optimize the relationship.

Data Source

Business Intelligence

Identify opportunities to optimize hedged flow and manage relationships using a next-generation cloud-based business intelligence toolkit that stores your quote and trade data and transforms it into advanced analytics. Through neutral data, we facilitate relationships between consumers and providers of liquidity and enable you to have an effective dialogue with your Hub clients.

Availability & Performance

Institutional Hub clients can access their performance statistics. This information helps them manage the trade-off between the sophistication of their pricing and risk management and latency. Liquidity providers benefit because our clients know how to set up their Hubs in a way that allows them to turn around execution decisions quickly.

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