2024 is the year of “buy, build and integrate” for financial technology, according to consultants Coalition Greenwich.

The old binary debate on whether to buy or build the ideal technology solution is officially over, says Coalition Greenwich’s Top Market Structure Trends to Watch in 2024, as firms of all types instead look to combine pre-built platforms with their own proprietary technology systems.

The consultants note that clients enjoy greater control, flexibility and adaptability, combined with reduced development time and costs, by adopting the “buy, build and integrate” approach.

Coalition Greenwich adds that “successful providers prioritize ease-of-use, scalability, customization, comprehensive training and high-quality support”.

At oneZero we couldn’t agree more.

We have a 15-year track record of working with clients to deliver multi-asset technology solutions that drive intelligent performance – including modules with integrated analytics that function alongside existing legacy systems.

As a technology-first organization, we’re an API company from our roots and offer full integration with pricing, front office and distribution channels, as well as internal credit and balance platforms, regulatory reporting, and back office systems. In fact the ability to quickly and efficiently integrate our solutions with existing services and multiple platforms is a major selling point for oneZero. We build our own front-end and reporting system off of the same API framework we offer to clients.

Our modular platform architecture allows clients to choose the modular option that best suits their own needs and that seamlessly adapts via API to their own legacy systems:

  • Connectivity:
    • Single, unified API to access a myriad of OTC liquidity providers and listed venues.
    • Spot, Outrights, Swaps & NDFs.
    • Sweepable & Full Amount Streams, as well as full RFS workflows.
    • Cross-connection across our award-winning ultra-low latency technology platform.
  • Aggregation:
    • Supports multiple asset classes and instruments.
    • Construct purpose-built pricing pools from tailored LP streams.
    • Sophisticated range of algorithms to remove bad or latent connections, and to actively filter crossed or off-market quotes during fast markets.
    • A variety of API-driven real-time market adjustment parameters that can be driven programmatically within the system.
  • Pricing:
    • Build configurable pricing functions.
    • Control pricing by symbol, trade size, time of day, or market conditions.
    • Schedule changes by trading session or underlying market drivers such as economic data releases.
    • Our Algorithmic Pricing Module, an advanced price creation tool, allows clients to insert proprietary algorithms and native code within the Hub, protecting the client’s ‘secret sauce’.
  • Distribution:
    • Single Dealer Platform.
    • RFQ and ESP distribution to Multi-Bank Platforms (360T, FXAll, Bloomberg, and other ECNs).
    • FIX connectivity to external clients in the primary global data centers.
    • Ultra-low latency APIs to connect to internal desks or systems.
  • Risk Management:
    • Utilize Portfolios to implement multiple risk management strategies simultaneously.
    • Leverage a real-time decision engine for segmenting flow and routing it to the right execution mechanism, including sophisticated Systematic Hedging options.
    • Incorporate “skew safe” liquidity into hedging without feeding it back into pricing.
    • Our Algorithmic Trading Module, a sophisticated feature to allow clients to craft their own bespoke execution strategies, or use those provided by LPs or by oneZero.
  • Data Source:
    • Sophisticated statistics and visualizations to measure your clients’ trading and flow.
    • Monitor your LPs over time to build a sustainable liquidity supply chain.
    • Access all of your trading, RFQ lifecycle and quote history from our state-of-the-art cloud solution in a wide range of ways, including off-the-shelf integrations into external best execution platforms.
    • Feed analytics results back into the platform using our APIs.

Of course, integration and partnering with clients is more than just APIs. oneZero’s world-renowned Customer Success, Trade Operations and Institutional Product team are equipped and enabled to help our partners get the most from our systems. Whether you’re using our industry-leading functionality, or leveraging the oneZero engine to differentiate your business, all our clients are backed by 24/7 follow-the-sun client support.