Liquidity Hub Technology for Retail and Institutional Brokerages


Create and distribute a customized liquidity pool from proven providers

Liquidity Hub is a technology platform with a full set of trading operation and execution tools for financial institutions and retail brokers.

Through neutral, end-to-end technology, brokers build customized liquidity pools for foreign exchange, commodities, cryptocurrency, equities and futures markets.

Our web-based GUI and REST API allow brokers to make most changes in real-time—no server restarts required—and to directly manage spreads, warehousing, risk management and auto-hedge trades. Additional capabilities include: Warehouse limits, aggregation, give-up processing, corporate actions, credit, and margin controls.

Brokers can choose from powerful FIX and REST API connectivity to manage Liquidity Hub, while the margin engine lets brokers assign clients to per-symbol leverage, commission, and swap profiles. Nightly margin statements enable full reconciliation and help to satisfy regulatory reporting requirements.