eForex spoke to Andrew Ralich, CEO and Co-Founder, and Phil Weisberg, EVP of Strategic Planning and Partnerships, to get an update on the firm’s headway in the institutional market.

“A few years ago we made the decision to take our technology which had been used primarily for retail brokers, and expand our solutions to cater to the institutional market, making it relevant to institutional brokers, prime of primes, execution desks at proprietary trading firms and asset managers. We made significant investments in R&D, we built a team that had the experience we needed, and we designed a UI that would appeal to the new audience. We have been seeing the result of that decision, as more and more institutional clients make the decision to discontinue legacy technology, and move over to oneZero. They are excited by our award-winning solution that keeps up with market data rates, offers sophisticated pricing, hedging and real-time risk management, as well as cloud based analytics,”

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