Technology solution choices are becoming a key differentiator for banks. oneZero can help both sales and trading desks ensure that they are able to outperform.

Do you know how much technology choices can affect bank performance? A recent study by Bain finds banks that are leaders in technology deliver 5% higher shareholder returns on average, with lower cost-to-income ratios.

“As select banks globally are proving, technology has become a new basis for competitive advantage,” Bain notes.

But it isn’t as simple for banks as ensuring that technology investments are properly funded. Even though banks globally spend an average of about 16% of their total costs on technology there are stark differences in outcome, as some firms become mired in complexity, including struggles with legacy technology.

For banks that are active in sales and trading markets such as foreign exchange, the good news is that recent advances in technology are enabling a faster path to outperformance.

Intelligent performance with oneZero

oneZero works with banks to deliver multi-asset technology solutions that drive intelligent performance – including modules with integrated analytics that function alongside existing legacy systems.

oneZero has 14 years of experience of building scale in FX technology for example. This includes connectivity to the main liquidity providers in the market, an industry-leading aggregation and pricing model, multiple distribution options for banks of all types to connect with their clients, and risk management alternatives to ensure that hedging is performed as efficiently as possible.

And oneZero’s expertise in using open source technology, as well as integration with market standard protocols and providers, can play a major role in helping banks to choose the modular option that best suits their own needs and seamlessly adapts to their own legacy systems.

oneZero’s solutions can be also tailored to meet the needs of different desks within banks.

Services for trading and sales teams

For FX traders, oneZero has a comprehensive set of reports that allows us to provide valuable AI-driven insights into different types of client flow to aid changes to pricing and risk management setups.

Our large data sets also offer banks the potential to optimize internalization of flows; see how skew-sensitive certain clients are; and evaluate the costs and benefits of skewing vs hedging in the interbank market – just three areas where bank traders can benefit from using new technology solutions.

oneZero’s services are also useful for sales staff at banks, allowing them to identify changes in client behavior, as well as looking at trends in margins and hit ratios across the forward curve. A strong and focused set of actionable insights allows sales team members to spend more time on more complex value additive pitches to their own clients and prospects, as well as assisting the trading desk with insights into risk optimization.

Modular technology to meet strategic goals

oneZero’s solutions can also fit into the overarching technology strategy of a bank.

In Bain’s study, the consultancy identifies a number of ways that banks can succeed in establishing a competitive advantage via technology.

The first is by reducing costs through simplification to increase productivity and efficiency. “Reducing operating costs will allow more investment in innovative technologies that change how work is done,” Bain says. “It requires replacing the legacy technology stack and using modular components in the target architecture.”

oneZero’s modular trading technology solutions are designed to meet this strategic goal for banks – and our domain and operations experts understand how to work with legacy technology to deliver intelligent performance for clients.

oneZero has a growing number of professionals with experience from working at brokerages, banks, exchanges and prime brokerages.

And our technology and operations teams combine with these industry experts to provide support that has been recognized with multiple industry awards won over successive years.

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