Updated release enhances the platform’s design to offer clients unparalleled control over their experience

Liquidity Hub 8.0

oneZero Financial Systems, a leading global wholesale enterprise trading solutions provider, today announced the release of Liquidity Hub 8.0, which features an enhanced design to give clients additional tools and flexibility to simplify their daily workflow.

“We are thrilled to launch the latest release of Liquidity Hub to help our clients better manage their business,” said Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero Financial Systems. “We have reimagined the possibilities of an enterprise trading solution by emphasizing a sleek, modern and intuitive professionally-designed user interface as part of our ongoing effort to support our clients’ growth.”

The new design incorporates Dashboards and Tiles, giving clients a complete, custom view of their business and enabling significant personalization of the user experience. The addition of tiles allows users to create unique informational views which can be organized and resized to a user’s preference. Liquidity Hub administrators further have the flexibility to create multiple dashboards and save them to a library which can be shared with other users of Liquidity Hub. These new features are part of an ongoing effort to enhance operational scalability and usability across an organization’s multiple departments and end-users.

Additional improvements to Liquidity Hub in version 8.0 include performance and functionality around Margin Accounts and Symbol Settings, along with enhancements to MetaTrader Order Mapping and Volume Bands. As with all Liquidity Hub upgrades, users benefit from multiple performance improvements including decreased latency and increased throughput for quote filtering, min/max spread and general quote processing.