Latest Liquidity Hub release strengthens business risk controls and client management tools

oneZero Financial Systems, a leading global wholesale enterprise trading solutions provider, today announced the release of Liquidity Hub 7.4, which delivers multiple advanced features that enable institutions and brokers to better enhance their risk management, support client requirements and control trading performance.

“We believe clients will appreciate the latest version of Liquidity Hub, which provides increased tools to manage customer’s requirements, while minimizing risk and improving order routing,” said Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero Financial Systems. “oneZero is committed to solving client business challenges through innovative technology solutions that deliver industry-leading tools needed to manage and grow their business.”

Among the primary new features are tradable synthetic symbols, which are created by combining two separate instruments for quoting and trading to allow brokers to create custom solutions to meet their end customers’ unique requirements with greater flexibility. To better control their order flow, clients can now manage and mitigate their risk through warehouse volume controls that can prevent potential losses from unanticipated or toxic trading spikes, as well as leveraging full volume order routing to send the complete transaction size for incoming trade requests to makers for matching quote sizes as soon as possible, limiting exposure.

Additional updates include expanded data categories around realized and unrealized profit and loss within the Analytics & Reporting suite and additional REST API timestamp alerts, as well as queries for viewing exposures by currency and adapter.