Phil Weisberg, EVP of Strategic Planning and Partnerships at oneZero, spoke on the e-Forex Podcast about oneZero’s Data Source.

“It [Data Source] lowers the cost for our clients to compare and contrast their own analytics with oneZero analytics and third party analytics, and choose what’s best for them. Previously it was almost impossible for a customer to compare those three offerings side by side.”

Data Source is a next-generation cloud-based business intelligence toolkit that stores quote and trade data which can then be transformed into meaningful analytics. The data is available to oneZero customers in order to facilitate multiple research and analysis possibilities. These may include flow analysis for both liquidity provider and broker, as well as execution analysis, and data for regulatory reporting requirements and analysis. The full episode is now live.


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About Phil Weisberg

Phil is responsible for oneZero’s ongoing investment, growth, business development and expansion through building out its strategy and partnerships. Before joining oneZero, he served as CEO of FXall, lead the FX Rates and Credit business for Thomson Reuters, and was Managing Director of Global FX Derivatives Trading at JP Morgan. He has expertise in start-up ideation, attracting strategic investors, capital raising from the private equity community, acquisitions, public offering, company sale, merger integration, and turn around. Phil has served as a strategic advisor to oneZero since June 2018.