Data Source analytics toolkit enables institutions and brokerages to manage and grow their business

oneZero Financial Systems, a global leader in financial technology development, today announced the release of Data Source, a sophisticated business intelligence toolkit that delivers powerful and unique insights about the foreign exchange market. Brokers and market participants will receive data insights about their individual customers, liquidity providers and overall market performance to maximize their growth and profitability. Specialized analytics packages support enhanced risk management, regulatory reporting compliance and competitive analysis to increase operational efficiency and give users an edge. 

“Data Source offers clients and market participants a variety of off-the-shelf and custom analytics packages to fit their unique needs. Raw quote and trade data is efficiently delivered through Amazon Web Services’ cloud, making it easily accessible,” said Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero Financial Systems. He added, “This toolkit is the first in the market to empower clients with previously unavailable resources to gain more understanding of key business drivers, such as customer flow, liquidity provider relationships and overall market performance across the retail brokerage FX market.”

Data Source includes multiple metrics, including raw quote and transaction data at no charge to existing clients, standardized derivative data sets for turn-key analytics and more advanced reporting for specialized regulatory compliance and insights. oneZero’s global analytics aggregates and anonymizes oneZero’s client data to deliver broad and comparative insights into overall market trends and performance. oneZero is also making bespoke reporting tools available through its Data Partners Network to provide insights tailored to unique requirements without the need for separate integrations.

Data Source complements the Liquidity Hub front end and EcoSystem distribution network to deliver a complete multi-asset financial technology solution for institutions and brokers.