Clients may select services from multiple vendors including EMIREP, Point Nine and SteelEye.

oneZero, a global leader in multi-asset financial technology solutions, today announced that clients may select from a growing list of post-trade regulatory vendors that may access their Data Source data to help them navigate the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Clients can enable post-trade regulatory vendors that have joined oneZero’s EcoSystem to access their data in a seamless manner, providing a streamlined experience for both vendors and clients alike. Clients benefit further from a reduced time to market as regulatory reporting is made even more accessible.

Data Source is a cloud-based business intelligence toolkit, offering reliability and scalability.  Clients are able to select the vendor that best fits their regulatory needs, and may use services from multiple vendors simultaneously to meet compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

“oneZero’s ongoing objective is to give control to our clients. This initiative puts post-trade solutions on a level playing field for clients, as they are able to use and compare their internal post-trade reporting solutions with solutions provided by oneZero and by third party regulatory vendors, so that they can select the solutions that are right for them,” commented Andrew Ralich, Co-Founder and CEO of oneZero.

“EMIREP is dedicated to regulatory reporting for EMIR, MIFIR, SFTR and best execution to provide clients with customized managed services while reducing their costs by combining compliance expertise with technological intelligence. Integration into oneZero’s EcoSystem is a real added value for our common clients,” commented Martin Meyer, Head of Strategy, EMIREP.

“At Point Nine, we use our in-house proprietary technology to provide an in-class solution to all customers and their regulatory reporting requirements. We are pleased to extend this service to oneZero clients by joining the oneZero EcoSystem,” commented Alexia Kokkinou, Client Success Manager, Point Nine.

“SteelEye is a trusted compliance vendor for MiFID II, EMIR, MAR, Dodd-Frank and more. Our data-centric regulatory reporting solutions offers 99.75% accuracy,” said Helen Bevis, Head of Strategic Partnerships, SteelEye. “This enables clients to reduce their risk, save costs and feel confident in their compliance. Seamless access to oneZero data in SteelEye increases efficiencies for joint clients as they streamline their compliance data management processes.”

Data Source is an agnostic cloud-based business intelligence toolkit, which unlocks clients’ trade, quote and quote derivative data in Data Source DNA, and turns it into meaningful business intelligence and opportunity analytics in Data Source Insights. Partner vendors that have joined oneZero’s EcoSystem may access the same underlying neutral data from Data Source seamlessly, with no additional effort made by brokers.