Facilitates relationships between consumers and providers of liquidity

oneZero, a global leader in multi-asset financial services technology solutions, today announced that Data Source analytics capabilities have increased to enable brokers and liquidity providers to better understand the opportunity in their franchise. 

Interactive, visual web-based analytics enables brokers to answer key questions that help them understand the characteristics of their client flow and associated hedges, and the relationships they hold with their liquidity providers. As part of our liquidity provider standard offering, liquidity providers have access to their incoming flow statistics that have been calculated in a consistent way as analytics for brokers. This enables liquidity providers to have an effective dialogue with their clients.

“As a provider of neutral data, we are pleased to provide greater transparency that facilitates conversations between brokers and liquidity providers,” said Phil Weisberg, EVP Strategic Planning & Partnerships, oneZero Financial Systems. He added, “The underlying data that we use to derive these meaningful insights is also available to third party analytics providers.”

Data Source is an agnostic cloud-based business intelligence toolkit, which unlocks clients’ trade, quote and quote derivative data in Data Source DNA, and turns it into meaningful business intelligence and opportunity analytics. Data analytics partner vendor solutions or clients’ internal teams may use the same underlying neutral data from Data Source DNA to provide additional insights.