oneZero puts clients in full control of how risk and orders are managed. As an independent provider, our interests are fully aligned at all times with those of our bank and institutional broker clients.

Our modular trading technology delivers scalable, robust solutions for price formation, distribution, risk management and quantitative trading analysis.

By partnering with oneZero you join over 250 successful firms already benefiting from our innovation. Our clients are supported by industry-leading technology that facilitates tens of millions of trades and billions of quote messages every day.

Intelligent performance is our commitment to you.

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Institutional Hub

Pricing & Risk Management at scale

oneZero’s Institutional Hub is a robust, scalable Software-as-a-Service platform that includes customizable real-time pricing, market risk management, credit management and trading, all driven by a full suite of award winning analytics, as well as comprehensive trading GUIs and APIs. Our Institutional Hub aggregates both custom-tailored streams from OTC liquidity providers and market data from listed venues across asset classes.

Advanced Portfolio Risk Management Framework allows for concurrent, real-time implementation of multiple risk management strategies.

A multitude of hedging mechanisms, including passive hedging, help you to treat each type of flow correctly.

Support of both ESP and RFS trading protocols for Spot and derivatives.

Construct purpose-built liquidity pools – using a variety of aggregation techniques – which are distinct for pricing and market risk management, which allows clients to incorporate skew safe feeds into their execution logic.

Implement advanced pricing techniques by using oneZero’s programmable Algorithmic Pricing Module to run your own algorithms within your Hub.

Easily adjust to varying liquidity paradigms such as changing time zones, market conditions and news events.