Analytics & Reporting: ARMS | Advanced Reporting and Monitoring System for Retail Brokers

Powerful reporting designed for effective risk management

ARMS enables brokers to closely monitor and tightly control their risk with real-time, scheduled, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Featuring industry-leading flexibility and an intuitive web-based interface, accessible from anywhere, ARMS exposes dense database information in an easy-to-use format while offering streamlined workflows that make it simple to isolate exposure by client, liquidity provider, or platform.

ARMS includes web-based portals for managing both MT4 configuration settings and margin accounts. Investigate individual trades, get automated nightly email reports, run Hub execution and reconciliation reports, get position and exposure details from MT4 and the Hub, or even isolate individual traders according to demographic information. You can also drill down deeply into trade execution data, or follow trades as they happen with real-time P&L reports. Whatever level of data you require, ARMS delivers.

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