Liquidity Distribution

oneZero streams liquidity to leading FX broker platforms around the world. Connecting to our rich network is a simple, effective quick-to-market means for a liquidity provider to distribute pricing to the fast-growing FX retail broker market segment.

Our direct connections to brokers allow liquidity providers tight control over their risk management practices, an advantage over anonymous pools in which you do not know who is on the other side of your liquidity.

oneZero’s Routing Technology enables liquidity providers to stream prices to brokers without incurring additional fees when using multiple technologies and vendors. Moreover, our end-to-end system has a proven record of reliability over more than five years of live operation under very demanding circumstances.

Beyond the ease of a single connection distribution model, oneZero monitors market trends and changes in liquidity preferences among its broker clients helping them optimize their liquidity mix.

To learn more about the benefits of distributing liquidity through the oneZero Hub contact us.