Liquidity Hub Software for Retail and Prime of Prime Brokerages


Create and distribute a customized liquidity pool from proven providers

The oneZero liquidity hub streams directly into the most popular front-end trading platforms and via API into custom-built front-ends.

It enables brokers, prime of primes, and banks to centrally manage their risk and exposure while allowing them to build customized liquidity pools for retail FX, CFD, and exchange traded products.

Our web-based GUI allows brokers to make most changes in real-time—no server restarts required—and to directly manage spreads, warehousing, risk management, and hedge trades. Additional capabilities include: warehouse limits, aggregation, give-up processing, corporate actions, credit, and margin controls.

Brokers can choose from powerful FIX and REST API connectivity to manage their oneZero Hub, while the margin engine lets brokers assign clients to per-symbol leverage, commission, and swap profiles. Nightly margin statements enable full reconciliation and help to satisfy regulatory reporting requirements.