ARMS Broker Analytics

oneZero’s ARMS Broker Analytics platform enables critical client risk exposures to be tightly managed from a single, consolidated book. Flexible reporting tools enable real-time, scheduled and ad hoc report creation from an intuitive web interface. Isolate risk exposures by client, liquidity provider or platform to build robust risk profiles.

The ARMS Broker Analytics platform supports all reporting and monitoring required to run your business successfully.

  • Consolidated book across all platforms and liquidity providers
  • Streamlined workflows for the operations team
  • Per-trade analysis and auditing
  • Client profitability reporting
  • Exposure summary
  • Reconciliation reporting
  • Real-time, scheduled, and ad-hoc reporting available in multiple formats
  • Intuitive web interface

The ARMS Broker Analytics platform reports on trades across all liquidity providers, trading platforms, and asset classes. The platform is particularly helpful in complying with regulatory reporting requirements.